Why Join FHD?


Focused on creating multi-disciplinary design team with a passion to design projects that are critically meaningful & creatively unique, FHD represents an exceptional synthesis that blends the old & the new, international and regional.



Our distinguished clients create inspiring and moving success stories. Working with such outstanding leaders and their affluent organizations will offer invaluable experiences that will not only help shape your career but will also help you attain soaring heights.


People At FHD

FHD offers its members a splendid opportunity to use the skills acquired in the architecture world to create a strong impact leading to self-fulfillment, self-actualization and a happier & motivated workforce.


Culture At FHD

We, at FHD, foster a culture that supports imaginative & innovative ideas and action. We encourage and facilitate high levels of individual & team performance and challenge our people to assume high levels of responsibility early in their careers.

Junior Architect 5 02 – 03 HYDERABAD
Senior Architect 4 04 – 06 HYDERABAD
Project Manager (Architecture) 1 04 – 08 HYDERABAD
Sr. Architect (Interiors) 1 04 – 05 HYDERABAD
Event Manager 2 02 – 05 HYDERABAD
Project Co-ordinator (Civil) 1 05 – 08 HYDERABAD
Senior Draftsman 1 04 – 08 HYDERABAD
Manager – Design 1 05 – 10 HYDERABAD
Jr. Architect (Interiors) 3 02 – 03 HYDERABAD
Executive Assistant 1 02 – 04 HYDERABAD
Business Analyst 1 02 – 04 HYDERABAD
MEP Engineer 1 02 – 04 HYDERABAD
Content Writing Intern 1 HYDERABAD
Graphic Design Intern 1 HYDERABAD
Product Design Intern 1 HYDERABAD
Architect (Interiors) Intern 4 HYDERABAD


For applying to FHD, please send your resume and portfolio to along with the post you’re applying for