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We do not conform to any style or ism
We do not conform to any style or ism

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Dubai Adventure Destination

The master plan proposal creates a new destination for adventure sport enthusiasts in one of the world’s most dynamic cities- Dubai. The design recreates an existing park at a raised level and activates it with a diverse series of extreme sport experiences including a 500m high base jumping tower, simulated sky diving, scuba diving, speed boating, Parkour, roller skating slopes. It is also a hospitality desitination, with a large retail center formed as islands below a "tree canopy" of a 400 room hotel and serviced apartments.

Collaborators: X-Architects

Abu Dhabi Media Company

A finalist competition proposal for creating a headquarters that combine the three media arms of print, radio and television for the capital city of UAE. The 300,000 sft project proposes to create 3 hubs (one for each media) interlinked by terraces, bridges and ramps that allow a high degree of cross pollination of information to happen between the employees. The hubs are enclosed by a tensile mesh roof, a contemporary digital version of the historical Bedouin tents, that creates a semi-shaded exterior within the project. The tensile mesh acts as environmental protector, reducing the heat gain and yet allowing natural ventilation to cool the terraces.

Collaborators: X-Architects

Iran Mall - West Expansion

FHD Group collaborated with NORR to design the expansion for one of the largest malls in Iran. The expansion creates an additional 125,000 sm of Retail area to the 250,000 sm in the original Mall, but with a unique experience of outdoor F&B terraces that connect to the adjacent linear public park. The expansion also addresses the park with a 1000 seater auditorium, that opens its lobby extending the public realm into the development

Collaborators: NORR

Iran Mall – Special Design Features

The entrance gate design to one of the most prestigious malls in Iran, was designed and detailed by FHD Group. The gate uses high grade SS panels in 3 customised finishes, to create a diamond pattern that self reflects and changes its hues as the day progresses. The entire design was done parametrically to create variations with a high level of optimization for modularity. FHD Group also designed two of the internal atrium courts in the mall with a contemporary reference to Persian architecture both in form and material.

Collaborators: NORR

Jumaal Majid Retail Center

The design was a competition winning proposal to create a neighborhood retail center in the Jumeirah, Dubai. The design simultaneously responds to the views towards the Iconic developments of Dubai at a distance and a strong pedestrian edge along its frontage, by creating a terraced form with a gateway to the street. The carved volume is recaptured with a Mashrabia, that acts as solar shade without sacrificing views and as a digital skin in the evening to create a memorable destination.

Collaborators: NORR


Ark Infra, Hyderabad

ARK Infra is a leading Integrated Construction and Infrastructure Development Company with a Strategic Emphasis on Residential Projects. ARK strongly believes in quality construction delivering smart innovations at affordable prices. FHD Group has offered Architecture services for their Hyderabad project.

Global Techies Town by GM Inifinitee, Bangalore

Ab Ghar Sifr GM Infinitee se ( From now, the housing from GM Infinitee only ) much-revered one-line of GM Infinite was brought into life with their design collaboration with FHD Group. Global Techies Town has redefined the expectations of Affordable Housing in India, with the meticulous space planning and architecture services by FHD. A view inspired by American Greek Revival architecture and with more than 100 amenities, GTT has more to offer than any other luxurious community can offer, yet in affordable pricing segment

Marvel Infra, Bangalore

Sequoia by Marvel Infra is a project in the IT hub of Bangalore, that is aimed at the IT segment, who wants be a part of a community, that looks aspirations yet affordable by pricing. Architecture by FHD Group has positioned this venture well among the aspirant buyers

Muppa Aaradhya, Hyderabad

The objective of the client is to have a Luxurious yet Affordable housing in the fast emerging business location of Hyderabad. FHD Group has surpassed the clients’ expectations in creating a space that has features and offerings of luxurious gated community, but at a cost, which attracted the affordable housing segment of the city. FHD Group has spearheaded the master planning, architecture and landscaping for this project

Nebula Aavaas, Hyderabad

After witnessing a massive success in Ahmedabad with Affordable Housing project, FHD Group designed their Hyderabad project, a Dream come true for every aspiring townsman of Hyderabad city. Located in Bachupally, across 10 acres, this project becomes the true address of Affordable means Aspiration in the city.

Provident Kenworth, Hyderabad

Provident Kenworth is a yet another example of Affordable Premium Housing project which has created a new benchmark in Hyderabad. This 20 acre project offers a platter of community amenities, close to nature features and much more. FHD Group has done the master planning, architecture and landscape planning for this well-known project



Mayfair Convention Center, Bhubaneswar

Mayfair Convention is a noted landmark in Bhubaneswar attracts the cream of crowd of the city. FHD Group is brought into design to elevate their existing image and set a standard in the hospitatlity industry by creating a luxurious marriage convention destination. There are two convention halls designed one after the other – one for the marriage functions and the other to serve corporate gatherings and events.

AR RESORT, Chennai

The 10.29 Acres of AR Resort site has been placed in between the stretch of ECR towards the west & Bay of Bengal towards the East, with more than half of the land has been left for developing Landscaping that merge the Resort with the Beach.

Taj Krishna Hotels, Hyderabad

A renovation of Taj Krishna of Taj GVK Hotels Group was a challenging task, more so because of its design intent being classical and the time bound challenges. The design intent is totally palatial to cater to Richie rich of twin cities. This was designed 14 years back.

Emaar Golf Club, Hyderabad

A true adaptation of vernacular theme for the first golf club in the erstwhile Andhra Pradesh by EMAAAR was truly Indianised by FHD Group.


Mr. Ravinder Reddy, Hyderabad

A classical themed home on the ridge of a hill overlooking tombs of Golconda. The entire house revolves around a Central Grand Hall. This house was designed around 8 years back. The house design reflects the personality of house lady.

Mr. Madhusudhan's House, Hyderabad

This classical home is designed 12 years back for one of the leading entrepreneurs of India ( among Top-50 as per Forbes) is a medley of classical and meditternean themed design. Spread in the center of the uber-rich locality of Hyderabad in a half-acre land, houses a simple family in a 4-bed room layout. The design turned to be stylish statement through its aesthetic appeal with functionally well-organised program of spaces.


Duration of the Project – All though this is a heavy intricately detailed home, it is finished in 2 years time.

Mr.Vinay Agarwal's House, Hyderabad

A house to be designed for a successful jeweller in Hyderabad is designed in contemporary setting. For a family of 4 with their parents living with them, the house is designed in a very modern setting with modern aesthetics following vaastu principles in a lot of 1500 sq mts. This project is delievered 6 years back.

Ms. Swati Nimmagadda's House, Hyderabad

3600 of a romantic cheerful design solution is what is expected when we receive this project. The client is a highly fashionable lady. We redesigned her 6000 sq.ft. condomium of 4 bed rooms into 2 bed rooms to satisfy her wardrobe requirements. Achieve this glamour décor’ while also accomplishing functional needs in a 6000 sq.ft. condomium.

Mr. Sudhir Koneru's House, Hyderabad

A farm house of a successful IT enterprenuer which is spread across 10 acres, with an inside out approach, taking the natural elements like rain, water etc into the center of their homes, to their homes, court yards.

Mr.Lagadapati Raj Gopal's House, Hyderabad

A luxurious home designed 8 years in Victorian heavy classical style with various spaces looking into a court yard for a respected Member of Parliament from Vijayawada. The interior design objective was to satisfy the varied design tastes of various members of family who represent various generations.