Project Facts

Location: Bilaspur, Chattisgarh
Site Area: 28.87 Acres
Built-Up Area: 5.50 Lakh sft
Fortune infra builders

The Bali renaissance in Bilaspur , Chhattisgarh.

Bali. The very sound of its relaxes your mind and soothes your senses. And whisks you away on a dreamlike journey. Fortune Infra Developers now brings you this feeling through Fortune infra at Bilaspur. Nestled against a Vast open land, this impressive new oaring remains loyal to its name, evoking a euphoric feeling deep inside you when you walk in. With villas that take more than a leaf out of Balinese architecture, we’ve captured the tranquility and divine sensations that Bali exudes. Come, revel in a world of your own at Fortune Infra, and discover the unsaid secrets.

Where architectural lines narrate Balinese anecdotes

Nostalgic edifices from Bali have sprung up off towards Chichidri village to give you the experience of a lifetime. Each villa here is an impressive landmark of its own, accompanied by a private Landscaped  area, making your stay here all the more exclusive. Be it designs or structures or the roof, every home grown element of Bali has been elegantly captured by our architects. Move in, for words alone cannot describe the experience that awaits you at Fortune Infra.

Wooden carvings that echo mythical tales.

The East is a place full of vivacious folklores and music and dance. Mythologies with characters so deep rooted in each country’s unique culture. Bali has its fair share of mythical tales too. And we have strived to narrate those tales through the wooden carvings that adorn your Fortune Infra home. Every creation brings alive the sights and sounds of the country that beckons you in your dreams.

A slive of Bali to let you discover yourself

A journey to the core of your soul begins here. Fortune Infra brings alive Bali not just through it’s architecture and surrounds, but by filling the space with ample amount of Bali-like atmosphere. The serenity. The calm. And a perfect place to sink in those hard-found pleasures of modern day. Simply, lower those eyelids of yours and take off towards the zone where you’ll find yourself. And discover more.