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Learning from a new Horizon

Learning from a new Horizon FHD’s trip to Abu Dhabi By Sriram Ramakrishnan   Architecture and travel are two domains that have a symbiotic relationship to each other. Recently I had an opportunity to travel to Abu Dhabi with a couple of my FHD colleagues. While designing one of our commercial projects in Dubai, we had a critical discussion about quality of light, and next week we were on our way to Abu Dhabi to study the recently opened Abu Dhabi Louvre museum. Our...

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Luxury Villas: Splendor by the Sea

    An Extraordinary Home that Evokes a Resort-like feel, self sufficient, solar powered and self cooling with well laid out Ornamental and Fruit Gardens was the brief we followed in designing this Lavish 15000 square feet home in a land area of 1.22 acres off East Coast Road, Chennai.   Taking advantage of the large plot size, beautiful location and proximity to the sea, the elevation is designed to give uninterrupted view from every top floor of the house.     This is a Hundred percent...

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Impressions | FHD Group’s Journey with Mr. Ghulam Mustafa

    In the real estate world of India, GM Infinite is a name signifying not just scale but also respect. Mr. Ghulam Mustafa, Chairman & Managing Director of GM Infinite, exemplifies that rare combination of being committed and yet honest, hard working as well as passionate. On this joyous occasion of the recent spate of awards to the inimitable Mr. Mustafa, his infinite wisdom and astute talent will be spoken about eloquently by many. So instead of repeating them, FHD Group...

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